10 of 10 with Cormac Hogan

Cormac Hogan

With this ping pong of questions and answers, we start a new sort of subject on the blog: the interviews. There are 10 questions that will leave us valuable information such as who is the interviewee, his experiences and his point of view about the present, past and future of technology.


Interviewees are mainly writers, bloggers and people related to the technologies discussed in this Blog.


Today, we have the pleasure to know more of Cormac Hogan. Cormac is synonymous of Storage in VMware technologies.

He is involved in the development of major storage papers such as best practices document and new products such as VSANs.



1- Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Cormac Hogan and I am currently a senior technical marketing architect within the Cloud Infrastructure Product Marketing group at VMware. I am responsible for storage in general, with a focus on core VMware vSphere storage technologies and virtual storage.

I was one of the first VMware employees at the EMEA headquarters in Cork, Ireland, in April 2005. I spent a number of years as the technical support escalation engineer for storage before moving into a support readiness training role, where I developed training materials and delivered training to technical support and VMware support partners.

I have written a number of storage related white papers and have given numerous presentations on storage best practices and new features. I have been in technical marketing since 2011. I also blog on http://cormachogan.com and http://blogs.vmware.com/vSphere/storage.


2-When did you see your first Virtual Machine?

I was working for EMC back in 2004 when it made the VMware acquisition. At the time, I was focused on Linux and Solaris platforms. It was around that time that VMware and virtualization got my attention. I joined VMware when I got the opportunity in 2005.


3-Can you tell to us the virtualization technology you found most amazing?

The first technology that amazed me along with thousands of others I assume was vMotion. While we have released many products and features in the 8 or so years I've been with the company, I think the new Virtual SAN (VSAN) product is going to be another game-changer.


4-If you had to recommend study a specific virtualization subject, what would be?

I would recommend two. Storage and Performance.



I recommend storage as that is the space where I work and it is a place where there is huge innovations going on right now. With flash technologies becoming more reliable and less expensive, a whole new storage paradigm is emerging. Flash can now be found on hosts (PCIe and SSD), hybrid storage arrays (VSAN, Nutanix, Nimble) and all flash arrays (Violin, Nimbus Data, SolidFire). And the ability to understand diagnose and troubleshoot storage requires a good grasp of performance. So it is for this reason I recommend these two topics.


6-What is your point of view about virtualization technologies for the next three years?

I'm sure your readers are aware of VMware's vision for a software defined data center. VMware's acquisition of Nicira and the laucnh of the NSX product, along with VSAN's imminent availability is making that vision a reality. You will see more and more innovation in this area over the coming years.



7-What new company got your attention in the last two years?

In the storage space, there have been some great companies and innovation emerge. I am an admirer of companies like Tintri, Nimble Storage and Nutanix who all have great products in my opinion, but more recently a company called PernixData launched their FVP product which does read and write acceleration for virtual machines using local flash devices.


8-Could you recommend three Blogs you usually read?

1. Yellow Bricks by Duncan Epping.

2. VirtualGhetto by William Lam.

3. FrankDenneman.nl


9-If you didn´t work in IT today, what do you think you would work in?

I have absolutely no idea. Maybe something to do with cars as I struggle to keep my 1969 Morris Minor on the road :-)


10-What can you tell us about your Papers?

All of them are listed here: http://cormachogan.com/publications/


Thank you so much Cormac!!!

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